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If you’re traveling with more than four people, it’s a good idea to look into minibus hiring with driver. When you have more than four individuals, using taxis or cabs to transport them from one location to another is inconvenient. So, how many people can be transported in a minibus? One of our minibuses can comfortably transport six, seven, eight, or even up to thirty passengers from one location to another. More than 30 people travelling? Use our coach hire service. Transporting a large group of people in multiple taxis is costly and time consuming. Hire a minibus or coach instead.

A minibus or coach with driver is very easy to arrange and will save you a lot of time. It is less expensive than renting separate taxis, and you will save money on fuel. If a party of more than four persons needs to go from one location to another, a minibus or coach rental is a highly cost-effective option. Hourly prices for minibus and coach rental are assessed based on how the renting party intends to utilise the minibus. Many times, even more people are squeezed into several cars, but baggage is always an issue. When there isn’t enough space in the cars, where does the baggage go?

Minibus Travels Bolton


a minibus or coach

The solution to such baggage issues is to rent a minibus or coach, which can fit everyone and all of their belongings in one vehicle. The passengers and their belongings are protected in one sound vehicle, which saves money on rental and fuel. Minibus or coach hire may be arranged for any location, and any transportation business will have minibuses available for rent. These buses may be used for practically any occasion, including family picnics, social gatherings, and even formal business trips. So, the next time you have a party of more than four people and want to go a long distance, consider hiring a minibus or coach.

This is where we can help. Our team is ready to offer much-needed assistance for you to hire a minibus or coach. You can simply go through our reservation system, and we will offer the assistance you need to get a multi-seat minibus or coach. You will be able to use that to travel around the UK win comfort and with peace of mind.

The benefits of our minibus rental service

Minibuses are genorously spacious, so even if you plan on staying seated for the whole ride, there will be plenty of space to stretch your legs. Just let your driver know whether you want to stop at a restaurant, tavern, or other destination along the route. The last thing you need after a busy, yet peaceful vacation is to have to drive home and plan your route. Share your vacation budget with the rest of your party, which will help save money.

Our Minibuses and coaches are modern and clean. They have excellent sound systems installed to keep you entertained while you ride. Some even feature televisions and DVD players, allowing you to enjoy your favorite films. Make your journey simpler by reserving a minibus or coach with a chauffeur and arrive in style.

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